Spoken Word Intro

I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t shuck. And I don’t jive.

I’m not here to give you a six for a nine.

If I happen to rhyme don’t mistake me for an artist,

Because I let words flow, simple and sublime.

If my rhythm sounds like poetry, ignore this and focus on my words.

If my motion keeps your attention, it’s just so you won’t fall asleep.


So why am I speaking to you? Why do I implore you to listen? I have requested an audience because if there is one thing we should do in this life is that we should think. Just as we are all connected by the beautiful order and simplicity of the Creator, when we create thoughts we should share them so that our thoughts may survive to shape humanity.


I said share. Not force, not cajole, not subject, not impose. You see your thoughts are never hidden from God as we are all part of God. And so anyone of us, being sufficiently connected with Jah, may perceive your thoughts. Problem is, everyone is not sufficiently connected with Allah at all times; this is why we are mortal. So we must use language to share those thoughts. But just because I don’t harmonize, I don’t shout, and I don’t rhyme (well), does not mean I do not have any thoughts worthy to share. And this doesn’t mean it is not memorable.


Yes, I’m not here to entertain. I can’t even memorize what I’m speaking. I’m simply here to influence.

Influence you, not to follow me or do what I want … but simply influence you to follow your spiritual path so that humankind may move collectively closer to our full expressions as a part of the mind of the Creator.


I’m not trying to convert you … you will convert yourself … if you are in need of conversion. I want you to think and by any means necessary share those thoughts in an effort to uplift humanity.



Kawaida Seer-Sekou – Nov. 26, 2001